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An artistic exploration into the psychology of sex, love, and desire


who we are



Precipice Magazine is an artistic exploration into human sexuality and relationships through the lenses of psychology, science, poetics, philosophy, art, and theory. This biannual, printed publication is a masterful collection of art and writings addressing issues of sex, healing, love, transcendence, and desire.

Giving voice to the individual story and our evolutionary complexities, we stand to revolutionize the way we think about everything from psychology to pornography.

Seeking to stir the course of sex education, we aim to redefine and unveil the current narrative humanity has surrounding sexuality by producing media of the highest caliber. Gathering the most progressive thinkers from all over the world, we provide them a platform to share their wisdom. Precipice is creating a new, ever evolving standard, revealing the raw and vulnerable experience of what it is to be a sensual, sexual being.


Why we exist



There is a deep need for comprehensive sex education and a safe space to discuss it. As it is, the only two frameworks we currently have are the medical model and pornography. Consequently, we compromise the efficacy of sex education and ignore a whole spectrum of experience.

We saw a gap and knew it was going to take a collective of brilliant and passionate minds to fill it. So Precipice was created as a platform for artists, researchers, and lovers to explore and redefine this intimate human experience.

Our imperative is to provide inclusive, accurate, and cutting-edge sex education in a sleek, sexy, printed format.




Precipice Magazine would not exist without your talent, passion, and research! Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Every submission is read and responded to. Send to


Visual Art

Send us a link to your portfolio or email us attachments.

We accept all forms of visual art

photography, painting, illustrations, collages, mixed media, sculpture (photos of them, that is)...pretty much all creativity we can feast our eyes on. 


Prose & Poetry

Do you have a story to tell? Send us your piece. Some examples are fiction, stories of healing, personal essays, fantasies, narratives, and interviews. Anything that can educate, connect, or expand our understanding of sex, love, and the industry.

Share stories in up to 2,000 words or send 3-5 poems. 


Academic Articles

Precipice aims to provide the latest, most accurate, and inclusive sex education available. That is why we value the researchers in the field, including psychologists, educators, sexologists, scientists, and philosophers. Send us pieces on your expertise and latest research. 

Send us your article in 1,500-3,000 words along with a short bio.



Do you share the same vision? Do you have passions you want to channel into a project? 

Publishing is a big world with many moving parts. Be a part of the team! Send an email with your experience and talent you can offer. Some areas include marketing, social media, and graphic design.




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