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Heal With Me



My mission as a sex and relationship coach is to support you on your journey to deeper awareness, satisfaction, intimacy, and acceptance.

When you decide to heal with me you will gain:

  • Greater connection to your partner(s)

  • Quality education and skill acquisition for deeper pleasure

  • A sense of safety and love for your body

  • Permission to be uniquely you

  • Liberation from narratives that no longer serve you

  • The release of your wild and sensual self

  • & much more!


What is sex and relationship coaching?


Coaching is an interactive, holistic, goal-oriented approach to healing and expanding your pleasure, relationships, and life. 

Through our uniquely curated sessions, I assist you in identifying and defining the core issue or blocks you are facing and create an action plan that allows you to move through these challenges and create a balanced, satisfying, and evolving relationship with yourself, body, and others.


Reasons clients work with me:

  • Desire for more connection 

  • Communication issues

  • Desire discrepancies

  • Low desire

  • Pre-orgasmic

  • Erectile Issues

  • Early ejaculation

  • Emotional Blocks

  • Conflict resolution

  • Hormonal shifts like menopause or childbirth

  • Becoming parents

  • Sensual attunement

  • Reigniting desire

  • Social and dating skills

  • Sexual inhibitions

  • Healing from heartache



Pleasure is a birthright 

...and this desire to exercise this right remains with us our entire lives.