a cinematic social experiment


What is Pass the Porn?

What if there was a way to watch the porn we can't bring ourselves to pay for in the company of friends and strangers? What if we could create a conversation around said pornography and uses it as a learning platform. Ask questions about what you saw, what is real, what is "normal." Unpack the nuances and cultural norms influenced by porn and how that ripples back through society.

Pass the Porn is an educational series aimed at unraveling negative associations of porn and creating a new and healthier relationship with it.

Each Pass the Porn film series will feature multiple films from well known and indie artists revolving around an underlying theme. Masturbation, Facials, BDSM, Group Sex and much more. Each event is curated with exciting and cathartic activations, a unique market place, a panel of sexuality professionals, actors, and artists, and a Q+A.

PASS THE PORN will continue to be hosted at Brooklyn’s famed HOUSE OF YES on a bi-monthly basis.

Keep an eye out for new dates and places…

“An elevated and sophisticated

version of that sleepover

one of your friends decided

to search for porn.”


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Going Global!

PASS THE PORN has upcoming dates in London, TBD.

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Los Angeles- September 7th 6PM-10PM

@ Bar Sinister - 1652 N. Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028