Happy National Orgasm Day!


There are so many ways to have an orgasm. The most important thing involved in orgasming is understanding your body, what feels good, what turns you on, and creating a powerful, deep, love for yourself and your pleasure. In honor of National Orgasm Day I have made a list of all the many ways you can orgasm with little explanations. 


    • The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and is necessary for about 75% of vulva-havers to orgasm


    • The vagus nerve is thought to be a huge part in this one. Connecting the cervix and the uterus to the brain without going through the spinal cord. Which is why some individuals can have orgasms despite having a spinal cord injury. These folks couldn’t feel their clitoris, however, experienced orgasm through vaginal stimulation.


    • Nipple stimulation activates the same parts of the brain that genital stimulation does.


    • The cervix begins at the base of the uterus and stretches to the vagina. Depending on the time in one's cycle the cervix can be higher, lower, firm or soft. Cervical orgasms require deep penetration and are often these full, raw, almost primal orgasms. Deep penetration isn’t always comfortable for everyone. It takes relaxation, sufficient foreplay, and a slow build up to deep cervical penetration (note: you can’t actually penetrate the cervix)


    • Of course we know how this works however there are more intricacies than we may acknowledge. The frenulum (the piece of skin that attached the glans/head of the penis to the shaft) and the coronal ridge (the underside of the glans) are the most sensitive parts of the penis. Foreskin also has a lot of nerve endings, protects the penis and acts as a natural lubrication. It is an important erotogenic structure of the penis. (Pro-tip: when giving oral slip your tongue under the foreskin and circle around the glans!)

  6. ANAL

    • Anal play can be very intense and requires practice to become masterful. You need a lot of lube as the anus and rectum do not produce any lubrication on its own. Anal play can produce an orgasm in many as it can stimulate the prostate, the g-spot indirectly, and stimulates the pudendal nerve which is important for orgasmic response. 

  7. G-SPOT

    • Oh the famed g-spot. How we love your exuberant show. The g-spot is a spongy area about ⅓ of the way inside of the vaginal canal on the belly-side. It is compromised of urethral sponge that surrounds the urethra (sometimes stimulation can feel like you have to pee) and can result in the expulsion of vaginal ejaculation

  8. A-SPOT

    • The anterior fornix is a very sensitive spot in the vagina toward the back near the cervix. Stimulating this spot is not only pleasurable but will produce lubrication within seconds even for those who aren’t usually sexually responsive. So go fish around, when it feels like you’ve turned on the faucet, you’ve found the spot! 

  9. U-SPOT

    • This spot can be found at the opening of the vagina on the areas surround the urethra. This can produce intense pleasure with the most delicate of touches. 

  10. FEET

    • This is rare, but there are records showing a woman who had multiple foot orgasms a day. The nerves for the foot and the genitals connect with the spinal cord at a similar area. Most may not cum through their feet, but a good foot massage feels damn good.

  11. MENTAL

    • The largest most important erogenous zone is the BRAIN! It is responsible for all sensory input. Masters and Johnsons researched the strong connection sexuality has to our thoughts. Barbara Carrellas is a pioneer on mental masturbation. The combination of fantasy, mindfulness, and breath-work can activate your brain in the same way that genital orgasm and stimulation does. 


    • The lips are some of the most sensitive parts of the body. In Tantra, they say the lips are a mirror of the vulva. Kissing someone with a compatible style and who you’re reallyyyy into can really activate the entire body. It takes focus on all the sensations you are feeling. Actively losing yourself in a hot make-out session can be an wildly transcendent experience.

  13. SKIN 

    • This is called frisson. It is when you get goosebumps or the hair stands up. It is french for “shiver” or “thrill”.  The skin is the largest organ of the body and plays an important role in arousal. There are five main ways to bring about a frisson: music, sounds, films, food, and sensual touch. 


    • A blended orgasm is a climax that results from stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris. This helps with attaining orgasm while having intercourse. 

  15. BIRTH

    • Orgasmic birth has inspired and confused many. It can be possible to have an orgasmic experience giving birth. When you give birth the baby is moving through many different erogenous zones, the cervix, the vaginal canal, g-spot, and internal clitoris. Birthing is a potent, life-altering, awe-inspiring experience. There is wonder, joy, ecstasy, and relief all happening while giving birth. If you open yourself up to the unique sensations of birth, breath deeply, vocalize and deconstruct the myths and assumptions of birth and pregnancy being non-sexual, then the possibilities of pleasure expand and are within your grasp.


    • That’s right! You can actually come through deep throating. Whether you have a penis, dildo, or hands involved a throat orgasm is very possible and makes giving head even that much more pleasurable. Your vagus nerve runs from the base of your brain all the way down your spine. You can stimulate the vagus nerve through deep breathing and by holding your breath (which naturally happens when a penis, dildo or another object is shoved down your throat...unfortunately does not pertain to other peoples opinions) or can be stimulated by massaging it (i.e. with a penis/dildo). Deep throating does not only put you in a dazed state of euphoria, it also produces a lovely, super slick, plentiful amount lubrication from the back of the throat that you can now use at your disposal. 

Remember… sexual wellness and freedom does not stop at physical pleasure. It requires a constant self-awareness. It requires communication, willingness to grow, healing of deep wounds, and working past our blocks, repressions, and toxic thought patterns or assumptions.

No one is beyond healing and everyone deserves unbelievable and consistent orgasms.

Valarie Merced